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Dr. Brian Paris

Dr. Brian Paris spent the beginning of his career as an all-state lacrosse athlete, gradually immersing himself in the study of kinesiology, looking to understand how the body worked and moved. He has spent his entire career as a wellness expert, understanding how the interdependent parts of the body work as a whole in unity, and helping his patients find solutions to chronic knee pain, backaches, headaches, arthritis and more—all without surgery or drugs.

Dr. Paris feels strongly about mastering and understanding movements and posture of the human body, dissecting the human body inside out to find what we are physically able to help holistically without the need for medicine and drugs. As a developer of the renowned Advanced Wellness Systems program, Dr. Paris has worked with thousands of patients with diverse medical histories to help guide them to a pain-free, active, confident and healthier lifestyle.

The spiritual connection with life is something so fragile. Dr, Paris feels strongly about this, after personally suffering burnout in both his career and personal life previously, he can understand and connect with those who are suffering from the same. After many years of education from a wide rage of professionals in a variety of fields ranging from studying psychotherapy, working with sharmens and therapists to help broaden his understanding and find out how he can help people not just externally with their issues, but also internally. After all, healing always has to happen from the inside first. 

With modern medicine today, we’re so focused on what’s happening on the outside, rather than looking what’s happening on the inside and finding out how we can address these issues – the ones that we can’t see. It’s often the unseen issues that can cause the most turmoil in our day to day lives, and with increasing numbers of people suffering from issues such as anxiety and depression—it’s more important now than ever to find the flow and drive to dig deep within and treat these unseen elements.

For Dr. Paris, taking an internal deep dive and sharing his findings with others is key to people becoming both more physically and spiritually aware, allowing them to lead a more fulfilled life. By looking at both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment, we can work together to find out how to combine these to live a more harmonious life.